Our Mission

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The Ghanaian Canadian Multicultural Community Centre (GCMCC) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting goodwill between the Ghanaian and Canadian people and other members of the immigrant community in Canada. Our goal is to help new Canadians or members of the newcomer community in the Greater Toronto Area (especially within Etobicoke and surrounding areas) to integrate into the mainstream Canadian society by providing counselling, cultural activites, employment, educational assistance and settlement services to youth, adults and families. Consequently, the GCMCC will work with various levels of governments (federal, provincial, and municipal) and other social services and community organizations to achieve these objectives. Ultimately, the Centre will be committed to establishing a very positive and welcoming space for the promotion of multiculturalism in Canada.


To improve the quality of life of new African Canadians and newcomers by providing them with sensitive culturally-appropriate programs for the youths and family services necessary for their acculturation process in Canada.

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To identify the major challenges facing new African Canadians and new comers during their integration process in Canada with a view of working with local immigrant communities and other social and community organizations to come up with programs and services to address these challenges